Grade Your Attorney Website

The investment and return on each legal marketing channel you use should be tallied and compared at least annually.

If you speak at conferences, your time out of the office should be valued and added to your travel expenses to obtain a total conference marketing investment. If you run ads in newspapers, yellow pages, and/or Google Adwords, those costs should be totaled regularly.

If you write your own website copy, the time you spend producing those articles should be tallied, a dollar value assigned, and the total added to site hosting and other maintenance expenses.

Your website should win

If you have an effective website, it should be one of your best-performing marketing channels. Why? Its costs are so low that your website has a huge advantage in the calculation of cost-per-lead.

If your website is not your least expensive source of quality prospects and clients, then you should compare its content and features to the best marketing websites in your specialty, both in other regions and nationally. What are they doing that you are not?

Even better, compare your site to the best websites in the highly-competitive driving-under-the-influence specialty. DUI illustrates the competitive level that most other legal specialties will have to rise to in the coming years.


1. Is your Google page rank comparable for the most popular search phrase?

2. Do you have a respectable page rank for the lesser-used keywords that cumulatively still have a big effect?


3. Does your website directly answer common client questions (instead of talking about you and your practice)?

4. Are your answers to those questions detailed and specific?

5. Does your website focus on one specialty?

6. Does your website offer more than 20 pages of content for each specialty?


7. Do your videos concisely and directly answer pressing client questions (instead of talking about you)?

8. Do you offer a variety of videos, with several focusing on narrow client concerns?

Lead generation

9. If prospects have some interest in your information or service, do you capture contact information and follow up?

10. Do you entice contact information from site visitors with more than one lead-generation tool?

Your website’s grade

A: 8-10 yes answers
B: 5-7 yes
C: 3-4 yes
D: 0-2 yes

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