Hello, I’m Michael Knutz, President and Partner at Optimized Attorney & Attorney Marketing.
I have been helping law firms grow their top and bottom lines for more than a decade. I now have a sizable team helping me create and implement marketing plans and perform cloud migrations for law firms, but I have personally:

  • Created and implemented dozens of marketing roadmaps for law firms
  • Built inbound links, created citations, and handled on-page optimization for dozens of legal websites
  • Designed, implemented, and conducted training for multiple work-saving law firm processes
  • Migrated the data and legal software of several law firms to the cloud

How can we help your firm?

I would love to speak with you about the growth challenges you face.
Do you need more leads? Are you ready to invest more in marketing but unsure about where? Could your lead conversion rate be improved? Do you believe that too many repetitive tasks are still being done manually? Would you prefer to transfer some ongoing personnel costs to one-time automation investments? Are you frustrated with your current lack of progress?
My team and I specialize in helping law firms move past their growth hurdles. If you want our advice on the next steps you should take and help with their implementation, answer the questions below, make an appointment, and I will at no charge provide recommendations tailored to directly address your firm’s growth challenges.