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Attorney Marketing to Help Grow Your Law Firm

Attorney marketing will help generate new clients for your law firm. This may have a mixture of digital online marketing, Search engine optimization, web blogging, billboard advertisements, and several other tactics. But no matter how you approach it, attorney marketing may easily consume a great deal of your time and energy.

It’s a tricky balance between making certain you’re investing your money and time wisely in order that you could concentrate on running your attorney along with practicing law. Knowing where to start is half the battle. It boils down to understanding which methods are best, dependent upon your promotion objectives.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you want to know about properly marketing your attorney, from Search engine optimization to networking and everything else. Including understanding key advertising terms, how to measure your attempts, useful stats to inform your marketing and advertising selections, and the best tools to use.

Given that attorney marketing isn’t your forte, it’s important to understand the basic foundations before proceeding into planning and execution. We’ve put together a handy list of the most critical advertising terms you want to know.

Obviously, there are many, many, even more advertising terms you may read up on, however this brief list provides a fantastic start, particularly if you’ve never tried your hand in advertising before.

Marketing Lead

A promotion lead is a prospective client for your firm. It’s over just somebody who just visits your web site. An individual becomes a promotion lead once they take an action that shows they’re interested in speaking to you. As an example, they may fill out a “Contact Us” type, call your company, or provide their contact details in some other way.

Rate of conversion

Your speed of conversion is the ratio of those who visit a specific webpage or ad to individuals who eventually ‘convert’ to some lead. You are able to track the speed of conversion of only one page, or your entire web site. You could also look at how well your intake process is converting leads into paying clients.

Call-to-action (CTA)

A call-to-action, or CTA, is a definite ask of a site visitor or lead to take the next step in their journey towards becoming a paying customer. For instance, this may be a button which leads to your “Contact Us” type, or a button in a paid ad that links back to your web site.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or Search engine optimization, pertains to the practice of optimizing web sites in order that they appear close to the top of search results page for applicable keywords.

Key words (also known as keyword phrases) are words or phrases that represent the topics you construct your pages around. For instance, if you’re a divorce attorney based in LA, then you might target a keyword phrase like “L.A. Divorce Attorney”.

To put it simply, these are the search terms that internet users search in Google or other search engines. Your keyword–and/or semantically comparable variations of it should appear in key areas on your webpage to signal to search engines that your page is relevant to that topic.


ROI, or Return on investment, is a performance metric utilized in several regions of business, but it’s particularly significant with respect to promotion. In order to grow your attorney and keep your business profitable, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting great returns on the investments you’re making across your promotion efforts.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Pay-per-click, or Pay per click, is an on-line paid advertising model wherein advertisers pay a set amount each time a site visitor clicks on their ad.

To learn the basics of Google advertisements, read our Google Advertising 101 for Lawyers post.

10 steps for marketing your law business
10 steps for marketing your law business
With the proper approach, you may easily develop and implement on a small or large attorney advertising plan. Any goal is achievable, whether it’s to make a sustainable solo practice or quickly grow your company.

Listed below are 9 areas to contemplate when developing a marketing plan for your attorney.

Create a marketing budget

A well thought-out marketing and advertising spending budget is a crucial component of any attorney business plan. To figure out how much you’ll need to put money into your attorney marketing efforts, you’ll need to identify your objectives and determine how much revenue will be asked to make it a reality. Then, you’ll need to look at how many cases yearly you’ve to bill to meet that revenue goal. This may differ dependent upon your practice area.

Once you’ve done the groundwork, you’ll be able to figure out your overall attorney advertising spending budget. Look closely at the phase of your attorney, i.e. Are you brand new, or well-established? In addition, consider how aggressive your distance is. For example, are you a business attorney trying to construct a customer base in a competitive city like NY or are you the sole family attorney in a tiny town?

Once you’ve made your attorney advertising spending budget, it’s important to stay within its limits. In the end, getting more cases won’t help your company grow if you’re not watching your bottom line.

Construct a well-designed law company website

In the electronic age, your attorney’s internet site is often a possible customer ’s very first impression of you. It’s your chance of creating a fantastic first impression to website visitors who are looking to employ an attorney.

As a fantastic start, use quality photographs, clearly and concisely state the services you provide and practice areas you pay for, emphasize any awards, recognitions, or even significant experiences you’ve, and ensure your contact details is prominently displayed. If you already own an internet site, or are thinking of building one yourself, make sure you have reviewed our attorney’s website checklist. It covers the crucial components of a top quality and high converting web site for attorneys. In case you are looking to employ a specialist to assist you make or maintain your web site, read our informative article on the 11 questions you should ask when hiring a attorney’s website designer.

This can give you the knowledge you need before signing any contracts. Ensure your website is internet search engine optimized. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if you make a attorney web site to market your business, but no one finds out it when they search on the internet, will prospective clients ever be conscious of you? To obtain the absolute most of your attorney web site, you need to make sure your website follows Search engine optimization best practices. Ensuring your website is well designed is crucial.

Including having quality content. This is what search engines like Google, and the men and women using them, are looking for. You will also need to ensure your content is targeting the long tail keyword phrases. For instance, instead of merely utilizing the word attorney, also include the name of your town. This can give you the better chance of competing with some other pages and being found by prospective clients. When it is essential that you attract prospective clients in a certain area, then ensure you have also set up a Google Business listing. Make certain to deliver a clear, useful description of your providers, as well as contact information.

Your attorney web site is one place prospective clients can find you, however it isn’t the only area they might find you. From inspection websites like Yelp to your regional country bar list, there are lots of chances to maintain on-line profiles at no cost.

Here are 10 ways for attorneys to advertise online at no cost. Proceed throughout your list to ensure got to go where they’re in the digital age, this means social you are benefiting from all the available options. Ensure that got to go where they’re in the digital age, this means social networking presence. To entice new clients through on-line advertising, you have programs are the best for your attorney and practice. In the digital age, this means social websites. There are so many social networks to select from, so you will need to determine which social networking platforms are the best for your attorney and practice area.

With a few thoughtful investment, social networking advertising may have a significant influence on your attorney’s growth. Listed below are some ways to utilize social networking on your attorney marketing: Follow legal leaders on Twitter and engage in thoughtful conversation. Set up a successful attorney LinkedIn page. Make certain it is separate from the personal LinkedIn profile, which should also be optimized to assist you stand out among peers and potential customers. Create a Facebook marketing campaign to position yourself as an authority on your area and attract new customers. In the end, make sure you are following ethics and advertising rules in your attorney jurisdiction.

For instance, do not call yourself a professional or a professional unless you have been officially certified as such, and be cautious of producing improper attorney client relationships. Handle your attorney’s on-line reviews effectively. Once you have several online profiles and running for your attorney, customers may start giving you testimonials. These are crucial to control. In accordance with the 2019 Legal Trends Report, today’s legal customer does lots of research before choosing their attorney. Even though a couple negative reviews will not hurt, an ongoing flow of them may give potential customers pause. Make it part of your process to ask for an on-line review in the close of each case, particularly if a customer is extremely happy.

But, double check your state bar’s marketing rules to make sure your request is compliant. If you experience a negative review, do not ignore it. Follow best practices for on-line reputation management for attorneys with regards to responding to your customer’s feedback directly. Try your hand at the content advertising. You’ve a skill for the written word, so why don’t you utilize it to develop your attorney. Blogging, and much more usually, content promotion, is a good way to build your brand and authority. You can use content to show off your expertise in a given area.

If you are able to provide useful answers to general questions potential customers may need, you will build trust and confidence together take a thoughtful approach and attempt to. Which take a thoughtful approach and attempt to they will eventually hire you. In case you choose to start a website, at a regular cadence, and make sure recognize legal associated evergreen content advertising topics. Ensure that your content has a very clear focus, adhere at a regular cadence, and make sure you are providing quality, helpful information. In case you are intrigued in learning more about web blogging for attorneys, invest time in networking and business development success.

Invest time in networking and business development. In case you are going to spend some time attending neighborhood networking and bar events, make sure you are getting the most from them. Create a conversation strategy for where and how you’re going to devote your energy and time. Be ready for referrals.

Referrals from fellow lawyers are always an integral component of any law company’s business development and revenue growth. Therefore, figuring out how to construct referral relationships with some other lawyers is a worthwhile investment to some sustainable attorney.

Nevertheless, networking doesn’t need to just imply mingling and shaking hands with some other lawyers. You may wish to consider talking in public, or even attending events within your area, to connect with more prospective clients.

Consider traditional advertising

Based on your location and practice area, traditional advertising (i.e., Offline marketing) could be a match for your attorney. In the electronic age, people do still buy into advertising advertisements.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that regardless of how your clients hear about you personally, they’re probably going to conduct research on-line before they make any kind of hiring decision. Consumers tend to be more empowered than ever before to assess their options. Therefore, remember to keep a relevant and professional internet site, and keep asking happy clients for positive reviews!

Measure your attorney marketing efforts

Irrespective of how you choose to market your attorney, it’s important to measure the ROI of your efforts. Without measurement, you’ll have no idea which campaigns are earning new business–which are flopping. Now this is a very important step that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whichever marketing tactic isn’t performing well, you’ll want to stop investing in the approaches which don’t work and double-down on those that do.

Perhaps you would like to construct a new web site to help bring in more clients. Or perhaps you’ve built up a lot of goodwill through the years and are getting plenty of positive reviews from past clients. There’s only one way to find out–look at the numbers!

Begin by asking clients how they heard about you. That’s a low-technology method that yields only anecdotal results. It’s a fantastic start, however you’ll need to do more to really know the way your advertising is working.

The very best way to keep track of your attorney digital online advertising efforts is by implementing web site monitoring. The free version of Google Analytics–an analytics tool which can help web site owners get insights into visitors to their sites–is a fantastic solution for most attorneys. This ’s the way to install it on your site.

Google Analytics will assist you see things such as which web site individuals visited before they came to your site, how long a given visitor stayed on your site, and naturally, the number of visitors to your site.

Learn more on how to assemble measure the Return on investment of your marketing efforts.

Attorney marketing: 3 data you need to know
Attorney marketing’ 3 data you need to know
The 2019 Legal Trends Report concentrates on the viewpoint of legal clients. What makes them decide to employ an attorney, recommend your solutions, and much more.

Some intriguing report statistics in notify your attorney marketing comprise: 45% of consumers who’ve undergone a legal issue agrees that it is a challenge in finding an attorney that is right for them. Irrespective of how they search for an attorney, most consumers suggested that all the following were significant to them: 77 percent want to know a lawyer’s expertise and credentials. 72% want to know exactly what kinds of cases they manage. 70% want a crystal-clear comprehension of the legal process and what to anticipate. 66% want an estimate of the total cost due to their case.

Irrespective of how attorneys encourage their solutions, they must ensure the correct info is provided clearly to prospective customers, in an easy-to read format. Technology is making it increasingly easier to investigate law companies online. Therefore, companies that adapt to how customers look for their attorney today, and later, may have the fullest opportunity for developing their business. Get the 2019 Legal Trends Report. Attorney marketing: 4 best practices for lawyers. Attorney marketing 4 best practices for lawyers. Before you invest thousands of dollars to some brand-new web site, a Lawyer SEO pro, or social network advertisements, take a moment to stop and think about what is going to direct your success.

If you are not following some essential principles, all the advertising dollars in the world will not help your attorney grow. Maintain these four best practices in mind as you move forward with your attorney marketing campaigns: 1). Take a customer centered approach to marketing. At the age of close immediate Amazon deliveries and on demand transportation from journey sharing companies like Lyft, the customer experience reigns supreme. It is crucial at each stage of the client’s travel, from when a customer first becomes aware of an agency to when they opt to employ. Attorneys are a business like every other, and customers now expect their expertise with their attorneys to be on par with the experience they’ve with companies like Amazon.

Competitive firms which take a customer centric approach in their operations and marketing will be positioned to stand out and succeed. What does this look like? Think about your client’s pain factors when crafting messaging for your site. Concentrate on showing empathy and addressing these pain points as opposed to simply emphasizing the services you offer. Follow-up with leads fast, in order that prospective customers know you are there to help. A nicely designed web site contributes to a customer centric approach as well. An easy-to use website shows customers you have been thoughtful about what they want and how they will navigate your website. Always set your customers first in your marketing efforts. You will not only build trust and goodwill, so you’ll be positioned to attract more potential customers and convert leads to paying customers faster.

Invest carefully

With respect to attorney marketing, there’s no need to overextend yourself. In fact, you’ll probably see better returns from some concentrated strategies than by trying to do it all.For instance, if you’re going to put money into social network promotion, don’t even attempt to maintain a presence on every social media out there. Think cautiously about your targets and your practice area. Only pick 1 or 2 networks to concentrate on, and craft plans that reflect the tools you’ve to spend in them.In the event that you’re going to start a site, be honest about how much time you can dedicate to it. Don’t plan to post a brand-new article once a week if you really only have the bandwidth to post once a month.3. Invest in additional support if needed

Based on your goals and advertising spending budget, it may be worth outsourcing legal procedures or hiring a promotion consultant, web designer, Search engine optimization expert, or other form of promotion agency to aid with your firm’s demands.You’re a professional at practicing law, but you’ve also got a business to run. Therefore, if advertising isn’t an area you have a lot of experience in (or an area you’re inclined to invest in learning about), bringing in assistance might be a fantastic option. Just ensure you thoroughly vet your options before signing on the dotted line.You may also want to think about tools to aid with your attorney advertisements (more on this below).4. Measure, measure, measure
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Measuring the success of your attorney marketing campaigns is key to ensuring that the hard work you do really helps your attorney grow. Ensure you know how customers are finding out about you. How many individuals are visiting your web site and converting to leads or paid customers? How many individuals are clicking on your social network advertisements? Think about all metrics that are related to the advertising campaigns you’ve launched.It’s easy to go with your gut rather than going with the information, but only believing your firm’s web site is beautiful and customers love it isn’t sufficient. You’ve got to look at the numbers to confirm thought.7 tools and solutions to Aid with attorney marketing

There are so many paid and free attorney advertising tools, applications, and solutions. With the proper technology, everybody from solo practitioners to midsize firm managers can employ a successful attorney advertising program.Here’s a sample of tools, by category, we find helpful for attorneys of any size!Email advertising: Mailchimp
Regardless, if you’re looking to send a monthly newsletter or send birthday e-mails to past customers to stay in touch, an e-mail advertising platform may make things much easier. There are so many available options, but Mailchimp is often recommended and offers a free plan.

Social media management

Are you busy setting up Facebook advertisements and keeping up an active Twitter profile? Using social network to market your firm shouldn’t mean you want to log into social network sites 50 times per day.

With Hootsuite, or other similar social network management tools, you can schedule articles, keep tabs on responses, and monitor topics applicable to your practice area to see what possible legal customers are interested in.

Research: Google Trends

Picture this: You’re a family attorney looking to start a website. In case you spend more time in a blog article about the 5 things to do immediately following a divorce, or a post describing the distinction between divorce and legal separation in your state?

A bit of research can direct your decision, and Google Trends might help! Utilize it to research interest in some specific topics, including related topics and related searches.

Tools such as Moz and SEMrush will also be looking at the number of people looking for keywords related to a given topic.

Intake and Client Relationship Management

Customer relationship management and client intake software can help you see the real-time status of each new lead, and monitor where they’ve come from. Beautifully designed dashboards and transparent workflows will also provide visibility into your client pipeline and earnings projections. Learn more.


With respect to marketing a law practice, the best strategy is to simply get started. Make a small investment, try something new, measure your achievement, and take what you’ve ever learned to improve. Concentrate on a few important areas instead of overextending yourself, produce a thoughtful marketing spending budget (and stick to it) and utilize technology to support your efforts.

Whatever marketing methods you choose, remember to help keep your customers (and prospective customers) first in all things. Attorneys that may provide an unbelievable client experience will challenge themselves to run their practices more efficiently in order to supply exceptional service, fostering their bottom line while also fostering their likelihood of referrals.

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