Bankruptcy Law Websites

Best bankruptcy law website, lowest price

  • Customized site design
  • Hosting and domain name
  • Massive library
  • 6 educational videos
  • E-booklet
  • PDF download
  • Case submission form

Optimized Attorney’s attorney-editors and web-developers worked with the authors of our bankrtupcy law books to build what we believe is the largest and most advanced bankruptcy law website in the country.

Target the right kind of traffic

Contains your contact info

Contains a book’s worth of content

Instantly downloadable PDF

Website articles teach your clients the basics

Answer prospects’ common questions

We do the work.

Your only requirement is to answer 3-4 questions by phone or e-mail. We will draft your site, add videos and PDF downloads, and send a proof of the home page for your review. We will then make any changes you request and build your website.
From signup to launch, it takes us 5-6 weeks to create your site, plus your proofing time. When done, you will have a bankruptcy law website with all the content and features of the one pictured above.

Our month-to-month license means we take the financial gamble that our site will work for you. Let your James site run for a few months and see if it pays for itself in new clients.