Maintaining and improving Google page position requires regular effort. The most effective lawyer search engine optimization techniques fall into these three categories: (1) inbound links, (2) keyworded content, and (3) website architecture.
1. Inbound links
Your goal is to obtain links to your website and its key pages using popular search phrases in the link (called anchor text). If for example “Houston truck accident lawyer” is one of your targeted search phrases, then you want other websites to use that phrase as their link to your site. Here are several ways to obtain those links:

a. Ask your friends, family, and contacts with websites to give you a link using your recommended anchor text. You will receive higher value (“link juice”) when (1) you do not provide a reciprocal link and (2) the linking website has a higher Page Rank than your site does.

b. Ask your friends and top clients to link to your site from their Facebook and Twitter pages. Search engines are beginning to crawl social media sites.

c. Write articles for others link back to your site using your targeted anchor text.

2. Keyworded content

a. Ask your staff and your clients which phrases they use to search for lawyers like you. Visit and click Keyword Tool to check the monthly search volume for these phrases. Then search for your website on Google using the more popular phrases. If you do not appear on Google page one or two for an important phrase, you have some writing to do.

b. The best search phrases, or keywords, to target with your writing are ones that have high search volume and weak competition, and for which your website does not rank well on Google. Write 300- word or longer articles using the keywords three times — in the headline, in the first few sentences, and in the last few sentences.

c. Try to write add one article a week to your website. You should begin seeing improved Google page position within a few weeks after your writing program begins. If not, you may have problems with:

3. Website architecture
You are likely dependent upon others for this work, so it is probably hard for you to judge the quality of your website’s construction. Most site designers spend a lot of time making sites pleasing to the human eye, but your folder structure, site map, and HTML readability are far more important.
If you want help, we can (a) evaluate the technical setup of your website to let you know if it has problems, (b) supply a regular flow of keyworded content, and (c) build inbound links. We charge a competitive, low price for lawyer search engine optimization, depending upon how many keywords you want to rank highly for and how competitive your region and specialty are.
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