Do you know which of your marketing efforts:

  • Delivers the best leads?
  • Should be trimmed or halted?
  • Generates the highest return on investment?

The answers to those questions will be clear after we implement two technologies:

  1. Call-tracking software with dynamic number insertion
  2. Customer-relationship-management (CRM) software pre-loaded with content

We then integrate the two so that results appear on one easy-to-comprehend dashboard filled with colorful charts. The software and dashboard provide several high-impact benefits:
— Opportunities to improve are quickly brought to your attention. For example, calls of short duration should be listened to (done with one click on our software). You want to determine why the caller was not engaged, screened, and asked to set an appointment. Or maybe several calls are missed each workday, even though staff is available.
— Prospects automatically receive killer content. Our specialty-specific CRM comes pre-loaded with a 100-300 page book branded with your name, extensive and detailed FAQs, designed PDFs, and helpful letters. All content is built around our “teach, don’t sell” philosophy.
— Repetitive work processes are automated. Forms are automated so commonly-used documents can be rapidly produced. And all your systems are integrated so there is no more duplicate entry of client data into silo systems. Your existing staff is thus able to handle more clients, and you don’t have to support a larger payroll.

1. Call-tracking software with dynamic number insertion

We’ve yet to meet a lawyer who didn’t want to convert more callers to clients, but many are unaware:

  • Which marketing channel generates the best leads
  • How much those leads cost to generate, and
  • How to convert more of those leads

Call-tracking technology can answer all three questions by showing you:
— What web sources are generating calls: Organic, Direct, Adwords, Local, Referral, Yelp, Avvo, etc.
— Originating web page: which landing pages are most productive?
— Prospects having cases you want: e.g., truck accidents, nursing home injuries, _______
— Time to first call: how long are prospects spending on your web pages before dialing?
— Device used: phone, tablet, or desktop
— Missed calls: how many prospects are getting away from you?
— Call duration: is your staff failing to engage many prospects in meaningful conversations?
It is easy to spot and take advantage of opportunities for improvement when you have the call-source data and the recorded calls just a click away. And our one-on-one consulting calls that are included at no extra cost will help you make those improvements.

2. CRM software pre-loaded with content

The second best way to improve your conversion rate is with lead nurturing. Your prospects have many questions, and yes they want answers, but they also want to know how YOU answer their questions. In short, they want to get to know you and your work before they sign up.

  • Are you a caring and helpful lawyer?
  • Can you resolve their legal issue?
  • How will you go about doing so?
  • How much does resolution typically cost?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software automates this lead nurturing by automatically identifying and segmenting your prospects and sending them content matched to their legal issue.
The big lead nurturing problem for lawyers is that virtually all CRMs require you to write the content the CRM will send to your prospects. None of the CRMs have specialty-specific content that enhance your reputation and set you apart from the competition.
We have tackled this issue head-on and created extensive and meaty drip series for your prospects that include:

  • 100-300 page book
  • Extensive and detailed FAQs
  • Multiple designed booklets
  • Plain-text emails

Every piece is branded with your name and contact information, and takes an educational approach which demonstrates your expertise and helpfulness.
More than lead nurturing
Our CRM also comes with:
A. Document automation. Bump the productivity of your team by eliminating the repetitive entering of client data in your frequently-used forms.
B. Full integration with comprehensive reporting. Unify your business systems and display all the critical data on one colorful, chart-heavy dashboard so know at a glance what is working well and what needs improvement.
C. Review-solicitation and screening. You know you should be doing more to obtain reviews. Our automated service does the asking, lets even the most tech-averse clients readily respond, and best of all, lets you screen out the weak reviews BEFORE they are posted.

One fixed price for everything

We can bring to your practice everything described above — call-tracking, lead nurturing with killer content, document automation, full integration, a comprehensive dashboard, and review solicitation and screening – for $1,500/month.
That price includes onboarding, building a custom dashboard, ongoing staff training, and a twice-annual strategic consulting call that recommends additional ways you can obtain more clients, handle growth without staff additions, and trim costs.
If interested in learning more, please schedule a 15 or 30-minute call with our president Michael Knutz.