• Have you seen all the reviews that have been posted about you and your law firm?
  • Are you aware of any bad reviews that are keeping prospects from calling?
  • Do you know your star ranking?

Maybe you do well on a few review sites. Perhaps you even have a great star ranking on Google+. But do you know how you appear on all the primary review sites used by your prospects?
Or maybe you haven’t paid any attention to your reviews and now your competition has vaulted ahead. You know your past neglect is costing you business, but you don’t know how bad the situation is.
Wherever you stand review-wise, it is a good idea to periodically check status. Trying to do so by simply Googling your name and the name of your law firm will only surface a small percentage of your reviews. Specialized software, which we have, is required to unearth all your reviews.
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