Are you buried in work and ready to automate your firm without spending more money? Let’s chat!

I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you. If so, we will briefly review your pain points, what results you are receiving, and what technology and systems you are using. I will then give you an overview of opportunities you are missing to increase efficiencies and at the same time trim your current spending. These will be proven techniques we have already implemented and that are now working at law firms like yours.

Through our comprehensive cost-saving and efficiency audit, we recently uncovered more than $14,000 per month in fruitless spending by Orange County probate attorney Phil Lemmons. After implementing our tools and processes, his firm is running like a well-oiled machine and he’s saving thousands of dollars every month. MORE SUCCESS STORIES >>

— Michael Knutz, President

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With automation, we can help you handle more business without adding staff or reducing service 7 ways:
1. Automate administrative tasks:

  • Implement James’ Legal CRM
  • Train and support firm’s staff on use

Automation2. Streamline document assembly:

  • Set up merge fields on selected forms
  • Draft email templates

3. Reduce manual handling of information requests from clients:

  • Set up automated help desk and ticketing system
  • Draft FAQs, articles, notes, and important information
  • Draft canned responses for inquiries with specific keywords
  • Train and support firm’s staff on use

4. Improve firm’s internal collaboration and integration

  • Migrate to Google Suite
  • Train firm in use

5. Continuously streamline and improve these critical business factors:

  • Lead flow
  • Prospect conversion
  • Document assembly
  • Client communication
  • Firm’s use of best business practices

6. Nurture unconverted leads:

  • Produce and brand 100-page book
  • Create shock-and-awe package (postal mailing costs extra)
  • Provide and automate drip series with beefy FAQs and educational pieces

7. Increase referrals with online reviews:

  • Automate the solicitation and pre-screening of reviews with proprietary software

If you’re ready to get more work done and automate administrative tasks and document assembly, I would love to chat.

Contact me on my cell phone: (714) 369-7356 or

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